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  • YouTube says it will require creators to label 'realistic' AI content

YouTube says it will require creators to label 'realistic' AI content

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1. YouTube says it will require creators to label 'realistic' AI content

YouTube is requiring users to indicate if their videos contain altered or synthetic media, including artificial intelligence-generated content. The platform will ask users to answer "Yes" or "No" to determine if their content contains altered content.

If a user answers "Yes," YouTube will label the video as "Altered or synthetic content." The move comes as tech companies address the issue of AI-generated misinformation online. YouTube will first introduce altered and synthetic content labels on its mobile app, followed by desktop browser and YouTube TV.

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2. Saudi Arabia reportedly in talks with VC to create a
$40 billion AI fund

Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund is in talks with American venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz to create a $40 billion fund to invest in AI. The partnership would see Saudi Arabia's $925 billion Public Investment Fund and Silicon Valley's largest venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, form a partnership.

The talks have been under discussion for months and are not yet finalized. Saudi Arabia's PIF aims to diversify revenues away from oil, while Andreessen Horowitz has $35 billion in assets under management and nearly 100 AI-related startups.

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3. Google unveils VLOGGER: An AI that can create life-like videos from a single picture

Google has developed an AI called VLOGGER, which can transform still images into lifelike videos. This breakthrough in AI has significant implications for various industries, including video production. VLOGGER operates through a two-stage process, blending audio and images seamlessly.

Despite its limitations, it offers superior image quality and temporal consistency. VLOGGER's potential applications include dubbing videos and creating photorealistic avatars for virtual reality.

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4. Nvidia’s Jensen Huang says AI hallucinations are solvable, artificial general intelligence is 5 years away

Artificial general intelligence is a significant future leap in artificial intelligence, capable of performing a broad spectrum of cognitive tasks at or above human levels. CEO Jensen Huang, who addresses the press at Nvidia's annual GTC developer conference, believes that predicting when AGI will be passable depends on how it is defined and how to measure success.

He suggests that AI hallucinations can be solvable by ensuring well-researched answers and comparing facts to known truths. For mission-critical answers, Huang suggests using "retrieval-augmented generation" to determine the best answer.

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5. Roblox reveals new AI-powered 3D modeling tools to 'empower the creation of anything

Roblox has introduced two AI technologies at GDC to streamline 3D modeling for content creators. The first tool, Avatar Auto Setup, automatically prepares humanoid models for animation, reducing the process from days to minutes. The second tool, Texture Generator, uses predictive image generation to create a texture for a 3D object based on a text prompt.

Roblox aims to empower the creation of anything, anywhere, by anyone, a contrast to the company's recent accusations of child labor exploitation. Demo footage of the new Roblox Studio features shows a baby-faced mannequin being processed for avatar use.

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