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  • YouTube's AI eraser removes copyrighted music, preserves other audio

YouTube's AI eraser removes copyrighted music, preserves other audio

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1. YouTube's AI eraser removes copyrighted music, preserves other audio

YouTube's AI eraser tool allows creators to remove copyrighted music from their videos without affecting other audio elements like sound effects and dialogue.

This feature, released on July 4, was made public by YouTube CEO Neal Mohan, and is set to revolutionize the process for content creators who often struggle to remove unknowingly used copyrighted tracks from their videos.

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2. China’s AI competition deepens as SenseTime, Alibaba claim progress at AI show

Chinese AI giant SenseTime and Alibaba Group Holding have announced significant progress in their AI technology at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai. SenseTime released updated versions of its SenseNova LLMs, including SenseNova 5.5, which claims to have 30% improved performance compared to the previous version.

The company believes that the key to success in China's AI journey is to construct high-level thinking logic based on synthetic data in vertical industries. SenseTime's stock price plunged 16% in Hong Kong. The company is among other Chinese Big Tech companies aiming to use WAIC to showcase their progress in developing LLMs amid increased competition.

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3. Anthropic’s Claude adds a prompt playground to quickly improve your AI apps


Anthropic has released new features to help developers create more useful applications using its language model, Claude. Developers can now use Claude 3.5 Sonnet to generate, test, and evaluate prompts using prompt engineering techniques.

The features are housed within Anthropic Console under a new Evaluate tab. Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei emphasized prompt engineering as a crucial aspect for widespread enterprise adoption of generative AI.

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4. Bumble users can now report profiles that use AI-generated photos


Bumble has introduced a new reporting option for users to report profiles suspected of using AI-generated photos and videos. The option allows users to choose "Fake profile" and select "Using AI-generated photos or videos."

Bumble hopes the new reporting option will help deter disingenuous AI use and create a safer dating environment. The company also launched an AI tool called "Deception Detector."

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5. Job scams surged 118% in 2023, aided by AI

Employment scams have increased in 2023, with consumer reports of job scams jumping 118% from the previous year. Thieves pose as recruiters and post fake job listings to entice applicants, then steal valuable information during the interview process.

The typical victim loses about $2,000, and the Federal Trade Commission reports that consumers reported losing $367 million to job and business opportunity scams in 2022, up 76% year over year. AI advancements and remote work fuel job-scam growth, as job seekers may never see a physical person during phony hiring or interview processes.

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