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YouTube Now Lets You Request the Removal of AI Content That Impersonates You

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1. YouTube Now Lets You Request the Removal of AI Content That Impersonates You

YouTube has added a new feature to its Privacy Guidelines, allowing users to request the removal of AI-generated content. The change, which was not disclosed until this week, considers cases where AI is used to alter or create synthetic content that looks or sounds like the user. However, the criteria for removal are ambiguous, and the content can be considered parody, satire, or containing value to public interest.

YouTube will only hear out first-party claims, and only in exceptional cases like impersonation, minority, or death. If the claim is accepted, the uploader has 48 hours to act on the complaint, which can involve trimming or blurring the video or deleting it entirely. The new ability to request the removal of AI content is a step in the right direction.

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2. Quora’s Chatbot Platform Poe Allows Users to Download Paywalled Articles on Demand

Quora's chatbot platform, Poe, allows users to download paywalled articles on-demand, democratizing access to information often restricted by paywalls. Poe uses AI algorithms to provide users with easy access to information and content across the web. It integrates with Quora's existing infrastructure, enhancing user experience.

Poe bypasses paywalls legally by collaborating with publishers and using microtransactions to purchase articles on the user's behalf. This approach ensures content creators are compensated while users enjoy unrestricted access to valuable information.

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3. Google’s emissions climb nearly 50% in five years due to AI energy demand

A Google data centre in The Dalles, Oregon, in 2012. Photograph: Google Handout/EPA

Google's greenhouse gas emissions have risen 48% over the past five years due to increased energy consumption in data centres and supply chain emissions.

The tech giant's ambitious goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2030 is uncertain due to the complex and difficult-to-predict future environmental impact of AI. Data centres are crucial for training and operating AI models, and their energy use could double from 2022 levels to 1,000TWh in 2026.

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4. Amazon Hires Top Executives From AI Startup Adept for AGI Team

Amazon has hired top executives and employees from Adept AI Labs to support the development of artificial general intelligence. David Luan, co-founder and former CEO, will join Amazon's AGI autonomy team, led by Rohit Prasad.

Amazon will license Adept's technology developing agents to help build products automating software work flows. The deal comes as technology companies are hiring from well-funded AI startups that build costly foundational models.

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5. Chinese AI models storm Hugging Face's LLM chatbot benchmark leaderboard

Hugging Face has released a second leaderboard for language models, testing knowledge testing, reasoning on long contexts, complex math abilities, and instruction following. The board uses six benchmarks, including solving 1,000-word murder mysteries and explaining PhD-level questions in layman's terms.

The frontrunner is Alibaba's LLM, Qwen, followed by Meta's Llama3-70B and smaller open-source projects. The board is open-source and collaborative, allowing anyone to submit new models for testing.

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