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  • xAI open-sources base model of Grok, but without any training code

xAI open-sources base model of Grok, but without any training code

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1. xAI open-sources base model of Grok, but without any training code

Elon Musk's xAI has open-sourced the base code of the Grok AI model, a 314 billion parameter Mixture-of-Expert model, without any training code. The model is licensed under Apache License 2.0 and is not tuned for specific applications. The model was released in a chatbot form last year, accessible to Premium+ users of the X social network.

AI-powered tool makers are considering using Grok in their solutions. Musk has been in a legal battle with OpenAI over the "betrayal" of the nonprofit AI goal.

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2. Google unveils new AI video game agent that teams up with players

Google is developing an AI called SIMA, which can cooperate and communicate with players in various gaming scenarios. The AI is trained on games without a linear end goal, such as "No Man's Sky," "Teardown," "Valheim," and "Goat Simulator 3".

It can perform around 600 functions when asked by a player, and researchers hope to eventually be able to respond to complex voice commands in the real world. The technology is expected to make games more immersive and remove menial tasks in the gaming industry.

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3. Apple is secretly buying Darwin AI to rival Google, Microsoft & OpenAI

Apple has been quiet about its AI developments in recent years, but has taken steps to integrate AI features into its offerings. The company bought Canadian startup Darwin AI, which specializes in making AI systems smaller and faster.

Apple plans to integrate AI features in its iOS versions, enhancing user experience. The company is also investing heavily in generative AI R&D and focusing on on-device AI features.

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4. Midjourney bets it can beat the copyright police

AI startup Midjourney has made a change to its terms of service regarding IP disputes, replacing jokey language with more lawyerly, case law-grounded clauses. This move could be seen as Midjourney's belief that AI vendors will emerge victorious in courtroom battles with creators whose works comprise their training data.

The company has been brazen in its use of copyrighted works, including TV shows and movie franchises. If courtroom decisions go Midjourney's way, it could decimate the company overnight. Other AI stories include AI-assisted ads, EU authorities putting AI platforms on notice, and AI2 Incubator's $200M windfall.

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5. OpenAI Makes Figure’s Robot Talk Like Human, Video Went Viral

Figure Robotics has released a demo video showcasing its humanoid robot, Figure 01, which can talk like a human. The robot, called 'ChatGPT with a Body', can automate mundane tasks and interact with humans. It integrates with OpenAI's vision-language model, allowing it to engage in natural human-like conversations and perform tasks autonomously without manual intervention.

The robot can perform tasks such as understanding surroundings, using simple reasoning, eliminating ambiguity, stating the reasoning behind a task, and identifying the best solution for a confusing query.

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