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Tennessee becomes first US state with law protecting musicians from AI

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1. Tennessee becomes first US state with law protecting musicians from AI

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has signed the Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security Act to protect artists and musicians from unauthorized use by artificial intelligence. The legislation updates Tennessee's personal rights protection law to include protections for songwriters, performers, and music industry professionals' voices from AI misuse.

The legislation addresses concerns about AI's potential to disrupt the democratic process, turbocharge fraud, or lead to job loss.

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2. Google's Generative AI is pioneering in healthcare technology solutions

Google Health has introduced Med-PaLM 2, a LLM fine-tuned for healthcare, to global customer and partner organizations. The model has been made available through Google Cloud's Vertex AI platform. Google is also working on applying AI to the healthcare industry, focusing on new modalities in models and fine-tuning models for advanced reasoning, context understanding, and processing multiple modalities.

The company is also working on a Personal Health LLM for personalized coaching and recommendations, enabling users to receive personalized health and wellness features in their Fitbit and Pixel devices.

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3. Intel and Biden admin announce up to $8.5 billion in direct funding under the CHIPS Act

Intel and the Biden-Harris Administration have announced a non-binding preliminary memorandum of terms for up to $8.5 billion in direct funding under the CHIPS and Science Act. The funding aims to increase U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and research and development capabilities, particularly in leading-edge semiconductors.

Intel is the only American company that both designs and manufactures leading-edge logic chips. The proposed funding will create thousands of new company positions and construction jobs, foster U.S.-based R&D, strengthen U.S. supply chains, and ensure American leadership in leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing and technology capabilities.

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4. Liverpool & Google DeepMind develop AI to advise coaches on corners

Liverpool and Google DeepMind have developed a full AI system called TacticAI, which can advise coaches on corner kicks. The system uses predictive and generative AI to analyze 7,176 previous Liverpool corner kicks, allowing it to advise coaches on improving corner routines.

The suggestions were preferred by human expert raters 90% of the time. TacticAI uses a geometric deep learning approach to address three core questions: tactical set-up, past success, and adjustments to make a particular outcome happen. The researchers believe TacticAI can be used in other sports and industries.

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5. World’s first global AI resolution unanimously adopted by United Nations

The United Nations General Assembly has unanimously adopted the world's first global AI resolution, aiming to protect personal data, enhance privacy policies, monitor AI for potential risks, and uphold human rights.

The resolution, titled "Seizing the opportunities of safe, secure and trustworthy artificial intelligence systems for sustainable development," was a nonbinding agreement that emerged from a proposal by the United States and received support from China and 121 other countries. The resolution is a critical step towards establishing international guardrails for the ethical and sustainable development of AI.

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