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Sora: first impressions

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1. Sora: first impressions

OpenAI has received valuable feedback from the creative community to improve its Sora model. The model has been working with visual artists, designers, creative directors, and filmmakers to learn how it can aid in their creative process.

Sora is most powerful when bringing to life new and impossible ideas, rather than replicating the old. Artists like Shy Kids have used Sora for their work, such as their short film "Air Head." The model has allowed people from all over the world to show the world what's insid-ible.

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2. Apple announces its big annual conference, where it could reveal its AI strategy

Apple has announced its annual developers conference, WWDC, from June 10-14. The event, which typically features the latest versions of its iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV software, is expected to reveal Apple's long-awaited artificial intelligence strategy and consumer features.

The company is inviting some software makers to its campus on the first day to celebrate in person. Apple has previously teased an AI-related announcement later this year, which many analysts believe will come at the WWDC. Additionally, Apple plans to reveal the first major software update to the Vision Pro, the virtual reality headset it launched earlier this year.

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3. Elon Musk says all Premium subscribers on X will gain access to AI chatbot Grok this week

Elon Musk announced that all Premium subscribers on X will soon have access to AI chatbot Grok, following the company's open-source move to its Grok large language model. This move could signal a desire to compete with other popular chatbots or an attempt to boost subscriber figures.

X usage in the U.S. has been down 18% year-over-year and 23% since Musk's acquisition. Offering access to an AI chatbot could prevent users from leaving X to other platforms like Mastodon and Bluesky or Instagram's Threads. Musk did not specify when Grok would become available to X users.

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4. Mikhail Parakhin, head of Microsoft Bing Search and Microsoft Advertising steps down

Microsoft has announced that Mikhail Parakhin, the head of Bing Search and Microsoft Advertising, will step down and may be transitioning to a new role within the company. Parakhin was previously responsible for leading Microsoft's AI efforts around Bing Chat, now known as Copilot, and its integration into Microsoft products like Bing Search and Office.

Microsoft has appointed Mustafa Suleyman as the new CEO of Microsoft AI, and Parakhin will report to him. The company is grateful for Parakhin's contributions and leadership, and it is unclear if he will be leaving Microsoft completely or switching to a new role. Parakhin was known for his transparency and accessibility in the AI industry.

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5. Qualcomm, Intel, & Google Join Hands To Come For NVIDIA, Plans On Dethroning CUDA Through oneAPI

Qualcomm, Intel, and Google have formed a strategic coalition to challenge NVIDIA's dominance in the AI market. The alliance aims to provide an alternative to NVIDIA's CUDA software platform, which has maintained its dominance. Instead of directly targeting NVIDIA's hardware arsenal, the companies plan to leverage Intel's oneAPI platform, which is the only CUDA alternative that could potentially out throw it.

The alliance aims to create an open ecosystem and promote productivity and choice in hardware in machine learning frameworks. Intel's oneAPI is a unified programming model targeted at heterogeneous computing, offering more portability and optimization compared to CUDA. The alliance is expected to see intense competition in the AI segment, especially for NVIDIA, as demonstrated during GTC 2024.

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