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  • Runway’s Gen-3 Alpha AI video model now available – but there’s a catch

Runway’s Gen-3 Alpha AI video model now available – but there’s a catch

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1. Runway’s Gen-3 Alpha AI video model now available – but there’s a catch

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RunwayML has released its latest model, Gen-3 Alpha, which enables users to create hyper-realistic AI videos from text, image, or video prompts. The model is not free like its Gen-1 and Gen-2 models but requires users to upgrade to a paid plan, starting at $12/month per editor, billed yearly.

The model is trained on videos and images annotated with descriptive captions, allowing users to produce hyper-realistic video clips with imaginative transitions, precise key-framing, and expressive human characters. The model will work with Runway's control features and will be improved in the coming months.

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2. Cloudflare launches a tool to combat AI bots

Cloudflare has launched a free tool to prevent bots from scraping websites for data to train AI models. The tool analyzes AI bot and crawler traffic to fine-tune automatic bot detection models.

Cloudflare has set up a form for hosts to report suspected AI bots and crawlers and plans to manually blacklist them over time. However, the tool's effectiveness depends on its accuracy in detecting clandestine AI bots and the risk of publishers sacrificing referral traffic from AI tools like Google's AI Overviews.

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3. Nvidia set to face French antitrust charges, sources say

Nvidia is set to be charged by the French antitrust regulator for allegedly anti-competitive practices, making it the first enforcer to act against the computer chip maker.

The French watchdog cited the risk of abuse by chip providers and concerns about Nvidia's CUDA chip programming software and investments in AI-focused cloud service providers. Companies risk fines of up to 10% of their global annual turnover.

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4. UN adopts Chinese resolution with US support on closing the gap in access to AI

The U.N. General Assembly has adopted a Chinese-sponsored resolution, with U.S. support, urging wealthy developed nations to close the gap with developing countries and ensure equal opportunities to use and benefit from artificial intelligence. The resolution follows the March 21 adoption of the first U.N. resolution on AI, co-sponsored by 123 countries, including China.

The resolutions show widespread global support for their leadership on the issue, with China's U.N. ambassador calling them complementary. Both resolutions focus on civilian applications of AI, but China also emphasizes the military dimension of AI.

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5. Altrove uses AI models and lab automation to create new materials

French startup Altrove aims to accelerate innovation in new materials development by focusing on inorganic materials, particularly rare earth elements. The startup has raised €3.7 million and uses artificial intelligence models to predict stable materials.

Altrove selects interesting candidates from predicted materials and uses its own AI models to generate potential recipes. The company tests these recipes one by one and uses proprietary characterization technology to understand if the output material performs as expected. Altrove plans to automate its lab to test more recipes and speed up the feedback loop.

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