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NVIDIA Announces Earth Climate Digital Twin

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1. NVIDIA Announces Earth Climate Digital Twin

NVIDIA has announced its Earth-2 climate digital twin cloud platform, which aims to accelerate efforts to combat the $140 billion in economic losses due to extreme weather caused by climate change. The platform allows users to create AI-powered emulations to speed up the delivery of interactive, high-resolution simulations, including global atmospheric and local cloud cover, typhoons, and turbulence.

The Central Weather Administration of Taiwan plans to use these diffusion models to forecast more precise typhoon locations, aiming to minimize casualties and improve disaster informatics.

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2. GPT-5 could come to ChatGPT as early as this summer

Leon Neal/Getty Images

OpenAI is set to release GPT-5, a "materially better" version of its LLM that powers ChatGPT, as early as this summer. The new LLM is expected to offer improvements that have impressed testers and enterprise customers, including CEOs who have been demoed GPT bots tailored to their companies. GPT-5 features the ability to interact with other AI programs, called AI agents, which could perform tasks autonomously. 

This feature hints at an interconnected ecosystem of AI tools developed by OpenAI, allowing its different AI systems to collaborate to complete complex tasks or provide more comprehensive services. The specific launch date for GPT-5 has not been announced, but it is unclear whether it will be exclusively released to Plus subscribers, who pay a $20-a-month fee to access GPT-4.

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3. NHS AI test spots tiny cancers missed by doctors

An AI tool called Mia has successfully identified small signs of breast cancer in 11 women, which were missed by human doctors. The tool was piloted alongside NHS clinicians and analyzed mammograms of over 10,000 women. Most were cancer-free, but it successfully flagged all those with symptoms, as well as an extra 11 doctors did not identify.

Breast cancer patients with tumours smaller than 15mm when discovered have a 90% survival rate over the following five years. The tool has the potential to reduce waiting time for results from 14 days down to three.

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4. French regulator fines Google €250m for unlicenced use of online news sites to train its AI bots

France's competition watchdog has fined Google €250m for breaches of EU intellectual property rules in its relationship with media publishers. The watchdog cited concerns about Google's AI-powered chatbot Bard, which was trained on content from publishers and news agencies without notifying them.

Google has pledged not to contest the facts as part of settlement proceedings and proposed a series of remedy measures to certain shortcomings. The fine is linked to a copyright dispute in France over online content, triggered by complaints from some of the country's largest news organisations. The New York Times sued Google rivals Microsoft and OpenAI in 2023 for using millions of newspaper articles without permission to train chatbots.

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5. Antibodies against anything? AI tool adapted to make them

Antibodies are crucial for drug development, research, and identifying proteins within cells. However, creating antibodies can be time-consuming and unpredictable. AI-based protein predictions have made this process unnecessary. A diffusion model for protein structures has been adapted to antibody production, successfully designing antibodies against flu virus proteins. 

Humans and other mammals make antibodies consisting of two heavy and two light proteins. However, designing antibodies that recognize specific proteins has been challenging due to their shape and chemical environment. Training a diffusion model has proven successful in this process.

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