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MIT Unveils AI Breakthrough for 30-Times Faster High-Quality Image Creation

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1. MIT Unveils AI Breakthrough for 30-Times Faster High-Quality Image Creation

MIT researchers have developed a one-step AI image generator called Distribution Matching Distillation (DMD), which can generate high-quality images 30 times faster than traditional diffusion models like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E-3. The method uses a teacher-student model to mimic the behavior of more complex models, resulting in faster generation.

The DMD method reduces computational time and maintains or surpasses the quality of the generated visual content. This single-step diffusion model could enhance design tools, enabling quicker content creation and potentially supporting advancements in drug discovery and 3D modeling.

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2. Rabbit partners with ElevenLabs to power voice commands on its device


Rabbit has partnered with ElevenLabs to power voice commands on its devices, with the first set of r1 devices set to ship next month. The r1 will feature ElevenLabs' tech, enabling voice commands from users and how the pocket AI device talks back to them. The feature will be available only in English with one voice option.

ElevenLabs aims to make interactions more human-like with its low latency models. Rabbit will use Perplexity AI's solutions to answer users' questions on the device. The first batch of $199 r1s will leave the factory by March 31 and reach users within a few weeks. ElevenLabs raised $80 million in Series B and has been focusing on voice cloning services for creating audiobooks, dubbing movies, TV shows, ads, and video game characters.

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3. The White House lays out extensive AI guidelines for the federal government

The White House has issued extensive AI guidelines for the federal government, requiring agencies to stop using systems that infringe upon Americans' rights or safety. The policy aims to regulate the use of AI, requiring agencies to have concrete safeguards in place to prevent algorithmic bias.

The policy defines AI systems that impact safety and rights, and requires agencies to assess potential benefits and establish adequate safeguards for generative AI. Additionally, agencies must be transparent about their AI systems and risk management.

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4. Nvidia Partner Plans $4 Billion Investment in Indiana

SK Hynix, a South Korean semiconductor company, is planning to invest $4 billion in a $4 billion advanced chip-packaging facility in Indiana, aiming to create up to 1,000 jobs. The facility, which could start operating in 2028, is supported by state and federal tax incentives. The company is reviewing its investment in the US, but has not made a final decision yet.

SK Hynix has a partnership with Nvidia to supply high bandwidth memory chips, which power leading generative AI models like ChatGPT. Samsung, a rival to SK Hynix, is also adopting the same chipmaking technology. The chipmaker's valuation has increased by over two-fold in the past year, while Intel received $8.5 billion in direct government funding from the CHIPS and Science Act.

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5. Ron Insana’s new firm aims to bring AI-powered trade ideas to individual investorsI

Ron Insana, CEO of iFi AI, is launching a new firm that aims to integrate artificial intelligence and investing, primarily focusing on helping individual traders make buy and sell decisions. The company will use AI models to generate projected returns for stocks over various time periods, incorporating fundamental news, technical analysis, and other factors to make projections about stock direction.

IBM's Watsonx powers the AI programs behind the new venture, which are already being used to help make decisions with $6 billion that is managed institutionally. iFi AI will have multiple levels and price points, with most aimed at self-directed traders and a top tier with broader portfolio tools built for financial advisors. The new programs are more dynamic than quantitative strategies used in hedge funds, as AI learns and continues to learn and teach itself.

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