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  • Microsoft to make GenAI-powered security tool generally available

Microsoft to make GenAI-powered security tool generally available

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1. Microsoft to make GenAI-powered security tool generally available

Microsoft is launching its GenAI-powered security tool, Copilot for Security, worldwide starting April 1. The tool offers a pay-as-you-go licensing model, making it accessible to more organizations. Copilot provides insights and guidance for security professionals, and can interface in 25 languages.

It can analyze external attack risks, provide security investigations insights, and optimize use. The solution is available as a standalone portal or embedded into existing security products.

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2. AI to run world's largest high-speed rail network in China

China's high-speed rail network has made significant advancements in the integration of AI technology, with an AI system processing real-time data from the network. The system can alert maintenance teams of abnormal situations within 40 minutes, with an impressive accuracy rate of 95%.

AI has also reduced rail movement amplitude due to strong winds, enabling precise maintenance and optimal infrastructure condition. Despite potential challenges from demographic changes, AI presents an opportunity for high-speed rail health management.

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3. Anthropic just released a Claude 3 AI prompt library

Claude 3, an AI chatbot, offers a library of prompts for users to use and inspire their own. The prompts include pun-defying adventures, diving into dreams, and creating meals. The library is available on the Anthropic website and includes prompts for play, work, and user-submitted ideas.

The AI assistants provide custom instructions and personalities for the conversation, allowing users to explore their own experiences and emotions. While AI cannot craft a meal, it can generate personalized recipes based on user input and dietary preferences.

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4. Amazon will let sellers paste a link so AI can make a product page

Amazon is introducing a new generative AI feature that allows sellers to create product pages with just a copy-and-paste of a link. The feature aims to reduce the time it takes to bring a product from a different website onto Amazon. Amazon warns sellers that they must be the owner, rights holder, or have the license to use the link's contents.

The feature is rolling out now and will be available to US sellers in the coming weeks. Amazon has been investing in generative AI throughout the company, with its cloud service AWS hosting several AI models and a text-to-image generator.

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5. AI weapons scanner backtracks on UK testing claims

AI weapons-scanning company Evolv Technology has backtracked on claims of testing its technology by the UK government. The company claims that its technology has been tested by the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA), but the NPSA does not conduct such testing.

Evolv has altered its claims about UK testing to better reflect the process taken. The company has also revealed that the FTC is looking into its marketing practices. Evolv has previously said its technology can detect "many types of knives and some explosives".

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