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  • Microsoft engineer warns company’s AI tool creates violent, sexual images, ignores copyrights

Microsoft engineer warns company’s AI tool creates violent, sexual images, ignores copyrights

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1. Microsoft engineer warns company’s AI tool creates violent, sexual images, ignores copyrights

Microsoft's AI image generator, Copilot Designer, has been criticized for generating violent and sexualized images. Engineer Shane Jones claims that the tool lacks basic safeguards against creating harmful content and should be removed from public use until the issue is resolved.

The company claims it has dedicated teams to evaluate potential safety issues and has facilitated meetings for Jones with its Office of Responsible AI. Microsoft has updated Copilot Designer in January to address safety concerns similar to Jones', and the company has not yet taken action on the issue.

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2. The job applicants shut out by AI: ‘The interviewer sounded like Siri’

AI systems are increasingly being used in the hiring process, with a survey from Resume Builder revealing that by 2024, four in 10 companies will use AI to "talk with" candidates in interviews. Of those companies, 15% said hiring decisions would be made with no input from a human at all.

Employers often use AI to streamline tasks like writing job descriptions and scanning résumés, but experts advise applicants to act as though they're speaking to a human during AI-led interviews.

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3. Competition in AI video generation heats up as DeepMind alums unveil Haiper

AI-powered video generation is gaining popularity, with OpenAI's Sora model recently released. Two DeepMind alums, Yishu Miao and Ziyu Wang, have released Haiper, a video-generation tool with their own AI model.

Haiper has raised $13.8 million in a seed round led by Octopus Ventures and $5Y Capital. The company aims to build a core video-generation model and collaborate with companies like JD.com to explore commercial use cases. Haiper currently has around 20 employees and is actively hiring for various roles across engineering and marketing.

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4. Microsoft’s new Orca-Math AI outperforms models 10x larger

Microsoft Research's senior researcher, Arindam Mitra, has announced Orca-Math, a new variant of French startup Mistral's Mistral 7B model that excels in math word problems while retaining a small size for training and inference. Orca Math outperforms models with 10 times more parameters, with the exception of Google's Gemini Ultra and OpenAI's GPT-4.

The model is competitive with and nearly matches larger parameter models from OpenAI and Google, including MetaMath (70B) and Llemma (34B). The Orca team generated a new list of 200,000-word problems from existing datasets.

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5. Executives are spending on AI—but just 38% are actually training their workers on it

A majority of workers, including entry-level and C-suite employees, want to learn more about artificial intelligence in their roles. However, leaders are not investing in tools to help employees learn on the job.

LinkedIn's workplace learning report shows that 4 in 5 workers want to learn more about AI and its applications. 84% of global workers believe AI will help them advance in their careers, while 58% believe AI will significantly change their work in the next year.

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