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  • Meta is changing AI labels after real photos were marked as AI

Meta is changing AI labels after real photos were marked as AI

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1. Meta is changing AI labels after real photos were marked as AI

Meta is changing the labels it applies to social media posts suspected to be generated with AI tools. The new label will display "AI Info" alongside the post, replacing "Made with AI". This change is in response to criticism of Meta's detection systems labeling minor modifications as "Made with AI."

The shift highlights the rapid spread of AI technologies, making it difficult for people to distinguish between real and fake content, especially as the 2024 US presidential election approaches.

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2. Forestay, Europe’s newest $220M growth-stage VC fund, will focus on AI

Forestay Capital II, an emerging Swiss venture capital firm, has closed its second fund, raising $220 million. The fund will invest across Europe and Israel, with a "sweet spot" of leading growth rounds of $10 million to $15 million at the inflection point of a company.

Forestay has backed 13 companies, including K2view, Nexthink, Scandit, and Wasabi, three of which have reached unicorn status and two were acquired. The fund is led by Frederic Wohlwend, former Global Chief Digital Officer of Merck KGaA and Serono.

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3. Japan introduces enormous humanoid robot to maintain train lines


West Japan Railway has introduced a 12-metre-high humanoid robot designed for painting and gardening. The machine, mounted on a truck, can drive on rails and can carry objects as heavy as 40kg. Its operator, Mayumi Watanabe, can remotely operate its powerful limbs and hands.

The robot's primary tasks include trimming tree branches along rails and painting metal frames holding cables above trains. The technology aims to fill worker shortages in ageing Japan and reduce accidents. The company plans to use machines for all kinds of infrastructure maintenance operations in the future.

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4. ElevenLabs launches free AI voice isolator to take on Adobe

ElevenLabs has added an AI Voice Isolator to its product portfolio. The tool allows creators to remove unwanted ambient noise and sounds from any content, including films, podcasts, and YouTube videos. The AI Voice Isolator works in the post-production stage, allowing users to upload content they want to enhance.

ElevenLabs claims that the product extracts speech with a level of quality similar to that of content recorded in a studio. The tool is available on the ElevenLabs platform and is free to use with some limits. The AI Voice Isolator is not entirely new in the market, but its effectiveness in enhancing speech quality in content remains to be seen.

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5. Announcing the finalists for the 6th annual VentureBeat AI Innovations Awards

VentureBeat is announcing the finalists for the sixth annual VB AI Innovation Awards, which will be announced during the event's main stage in San Francisco on July 10. The event, which takes place from July 9 to 11, will focus on mastering generative AI applications and exploring their impact across sectors like health, finance, and software. 

The winners will be recognized in nine categories, including Generative AI Innovator of the Year, Best Enterprise Implementation of Generative AI, Most Promising Generative AI Startup, Generative AI Visionary, Generative AI Diversity, Fairness and Inclusion, and Generative AI Open Source Contribution. The nominees are drawn from VentureBeat's editorial coverage and the expertise of its nominating committee members.

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