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  • Instagram is starting to let some creators make AI versions of themselves

Instagram is starting to let some creators make AI versions of themselves

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1. Instagram is starting to let some creators make AI versions of themselves

Instagram's "AI Studio" is set to launch as an early test in the US, allowing creators to create AI chatbot versions of themselves. These AI chatbots will primarily appear in messaging and will be labeled as AI. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared videos of conversations with creator-made AI chatbots, stating that they will be helpful in answering questions and chatting with people in a fun and useful way.

The company aims to create AI characters that reflect people's interests, creating a more dynamic and useful experience. Meta will also allow users to create AI characters that are not necessarily representations of themselves. This is a vision the company has had for a while, and the company will continue to improve AI chatbots.

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2. Perplexity Is Already "Citing" Error-Filled AI-Generated Spam

Forbes has reported that AI search tool Perplexity is citing low-quality AI-generated spam from sketchy blogs and ill-informed LinkedIn posts. The report is based on a deep dive conducted by GPTZero, a startup specializing in detecting AI-generated content. GPTZero CEO Edward Tian noted that Perplexity's AI regurgitation of such information often spitting up outdated and incorrect information.

Perplexity's Chief Business Officer Dmitry Shevelenko said that the company has developed its own internal algorithms to detect if content is AI-generated, but these systems need to be continually refined.

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3. OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's Copilot repeated a false claim about the presidential debate

Jonathan Raa / NurPhoto via Getty Images file

OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's Copilot have been accused of spreading false information about the upcoming presidential debate. The false claim was that CNN's broadcast would have a 1-2 minute delay, which was later debunked. NBC News asked ChatGPT, Copilot, Meta AI, Google's Gemini, and X's Grok about the delay. Microsoft's Copilot responded that there would be a delay, and CNN plans to implement a 1-2 minute delay instead of the standard 7-second delay. The debate will be the first time the two candidates have shared a debate stage since 2020.

Despite citing websites like former Fox News host Lou Dobbs and NBC News' liveblog, neither original articles mention any delay in CNN's broadcast. The debate will begin at 9 PM ET and be moderated by Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. The debate has been a topic of debate history, with the most memorable moments occurring when ChatGPT correctly answered the question while Copilot continued to repeat the false information.

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4. AI-generated Al Michaels to provide daily recaps during 2024 Summer Olympics

NBC plans to use an AI-generated clone of sports commentator Al Michaels' voice to narrate daily streaming video recaps of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The AI-powered narration will feature in "Your Daily Olympic Recap on Peacock," NBC's streaming service.

Critics argue that the technology may keep old personas around forever, potentially affecting future sports commentators. Michaels, 79, has been covering sports on TV since 1971 and has been dropped from NFL coverage in 2023. The system could generate nearly 7 million personalized variants of the recaps across the US during the games.

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5. AI dataset licensing companies form trade group

Seven content-licensing sellers of datasets for AI training have formed the Dataset Providers Alliance (DPA), advocating for ethical data sourcing and protection of intellectual property rights. 

The DPA targets content transactions, requiring members not to sell text data obtained without explicit consent. The group will also push for legislation like the NO FAKES Act and more training data transparency requirements. The DPA plans to publish a white paper outlining its positions in July.

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