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Figma announces big redesign with AI

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1. Figma announces big redesign with AI


Figma has announced a major UI redesign, generative AI tools to help users create projects more easily, and built-in slideshow functionality. The redesign aims to focus on user experience and make the platform approachable to new users while still being useful to experts.

Figma AI will launch in a limited beta, with the beta period running through the end of the year. The AI tools will be free, but usage limits may be introduced. Figma's approach to training its AI models is based on third-party models, not on private Figma files or customer data.

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2. Smashing, from Goodreads’ co-founder, curates the best of the web using AI and human recommendations


Otis Chandler, co-founder of Goodreads, is launching Smashing, an AI and community-powered content recommendation app, focusing on online content such as news articles, blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, and more. The app aims to connect users to their interests by surfacing hidden gems.

The launch comes amid the loss of Artifact, an AI news reader, and the fragmented media ecosystem. Chandler believes Smashing can address these issues by surfacing valuable articles and encouraging users to visit publishers' sites to read more.

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3. OpenAI acquires team behind Multi, formerly Remotion, startup focused on screensharing and collaboration

OpenAI has acquired Multi, formerly Remotion, a five-person startup focusing on screenshare and collaboration technologies for Mac computer workers. This marks OpenAI's third publicly known acquisition, following one of Global Illumination last year.

No details were provided on the terms of the deal or the Multi team's role for OpenAI. Multi's co-founder and CEO Alexander Embiricos has joined OpenAI's "ChatGPT desktop team," responsible for building the ChatGPT for Mac desktop app. The acquisition follows OpenAI's recent acquisition of Rockset, a small startup focused on retrieval augmented generation.

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4. Creatio raises $200 million to further develop no-code and AI enterprise CRM solutions

Boston-based Creatio has raised $200 million in a $1.2 billion round led by Sapphire Ventures, with contributions from StepStone Group, Volition Capital, and Horizon Capital. The company aims to bring innovations to the enterprise, no-code market, focusing on enterprise-level automation.

Creatio's AI-powered No-Code platform offers flexibility and usability, enabling enterprises to build, deploy, and personalize applications for various use cases across CRM, case management, and workflow automation. The company aims to address the complexity and inflexibility of traditional software vendors, delivering market-leading ROI.

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5. Amazon secretly developing ChatGPT killer

Amazon is developing a new generative AI chatbot, code-named Metis, to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT. The service, accessed via a web browser, will be powered by an internal Amazon AI model called Olympus, a more powerful version of the corporation's Titan model.

Metis will engage users with smart, conversational answers, share links to response sources, generate images, and suggest follow-up queries. It will also use retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to retrieve information from beyond the original data used to train the Olympus model. The service will be accessible from a web browser, similar to other AI assistants.

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