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  • Elon Musk says Grok 2 due in August, Grok 3 by end of year

Elon Musk says Grok 2 due in August, Grok 3 by end of year

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1. Elon Musk says Grok 2 due in August, Grok 3 by end of year

Elon Musk, the owner of X, announced that Grok 2 will be released in August and Grok 3 by the end of the year. The latter will be trained on 100,000 Nvidia H100s, making it a "special" language model. Musk's announcement was in response to a video by Cohere CEO Aidan Gomez, who highlighted the difficulty of purging LLMs from internet training data.

Grok, a paid LLM, has been added to X since its launch of ChatGPT. Due to its lack of a free version, it is less popular than alternatives like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude.

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2. Instagram’s ‘Made with AI’ label swapped out for ‘AI info’ after photographers’ complaints


Meta has updated its 'Made with AI' label to 'AI info' across its apps, following complaints about incorrect application of the tag. The new label aims to accurately represent that content can be modified rather than entirely AI-generated. The issue is with metadata tools like Adobe Photoshop applied to images and how platforms interpret it.

Meta's policy expanded its labeling policies, but real-life pictures posted to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Threads were tagged "Made with AI." The new labeling will appear first on mobile apps and then on web views.

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3. AWS boosts startup credits, challenges Microsoft in AI cloud battle

AWS plans to double the value of credits offered to certain startups through its Activate program, starting in July. Starting this July, startups with recently secured Series A funding will be eligible for enhanced credits of $200,000, a step up from the prior $100,000. Seed-stage startups continue to qualify for $100,000. The revised $200,000 credit will also benefit from an extended three-year expiration period.

AWS dominates the cloud infrastructure sector, having achieved $25 billion in revenue in Q1 2023, marking a 17% increase year-over-year. However, the cloud computing landscape is rapidly transforming, with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure accelerating ahead.

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4. CohortFinder: an open-source tool for data-driven partitioning of digital pathology and imaging cohorts to yield robust machine-learning models

Batch effects are technical differences in data collection that negatively impact machine learning model generalizability. CohortFinder, an open-source tool, aims to mitigate BEs through data-driven cohort partitioning. It improves ML model performance in digital pathology and medical image processing tasks.

The increased availability of digital pathology whole slide images and radiographic imaging datasets has accelerated the development of machine and deep learning algorithms for disease diagnosis, patient prognosis, and predicting therapy response. However, differences in non-biological preanalytical processes at various spatiotemporal points can lead to undesirable batch effects in the final digital data. BEs can significantly hamper the peak performance and robustness of ML models and can cause spurious discoveries when associated with outcome variables of interest.

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5. Amazon Is Investigating Perplexity Over Claims of Scraping Abuse

Amazon's cloud division is investigating Perplexity AI, an AI search startup, for violating Amazon Web Services rules by scraping websites that tried to prevent it from doing so. The company, valued at $3 billion, appears to rely on content from scraped websites that have forbidden access through the Robots Exclusion Protocol, a common web standard.

AWS spokesperson Patrick Neighorn confirmed the investigation following a WIRED inquiry. Perplexity's CEO, Aravind Srinivas, has denied any wrongdoing and said the investigation was a misunderstanding of the internet.

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