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Adobe’s latest AI experiment generates music from text

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1. Adobe’s latest AI experiment generates music from text

Adobe has introduced Project Music GenAI Control, an experimental audio AI tool that can create music and other audio from text prompts, which it can fine-tune in the same interface. The Firefly-based technology skips the hassle of moving the output to external apps like Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or GarageBand for editing.

The resulting music is safe for commercial use and is a collaboration with the University of California, San Diego and the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. The tool is reportedly being used to help small, local publishers produce high-quality journalism using factual content from public data sources.

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2. AI worm infects users via AI-enabled email clients — Morris II generative AI worm steals confidential data as it spreads

Researchers have developed a first-generation AI worm, named 'Morris II', that can steal data, spread malware, and spam others via email clients. The worm targets Gen AI apps and email assistants that generate text and images against AI models like Gemini Pro, ChatGPT 4.0, and LLaVA.

The researchers used an adversarial self-replicating prompt to infect the email assistant, jailbreaking the GenAI service and stealing data. The researchers have reported their findings to Google and OpenAI, urging developers to deploy effective solutions to protect GenAI-based products.

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3. French police test AI-powered security cameras ahead of Olympics

French police are testing AI-powered cameras at two Depeche Mode concerts in Paris, ahead of their planned use for security at the Olympic Games. The cameras, equipped with AI technology, will analyze crowd movements and identify abnormal or dangerous activity. The French parliament passed a law in May authorising the use of AI for the security of sporting and recreational events, citing the chaos of the 2022 Champions League Final game.

The main purpose of the experiment is to prepare for the opening ceremony, which is expected to present a significant security challenge. The AI will detect eight types of events, and surveillance operators will decide whether to alert authorities.

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4. AI paper from Meta AI explores advanced refinement strategies

Researchers from FAIR at Meta and Georgia Institute of Technology have developed Stepwise ORMs to improve LLMs ability to self-improve on complex tasks. The team used a dual refinement model: global and local, leveraging synthetic data for training.

The results showed a significant improvement in LLM reasoning accuracy, with the accuracy of the LLaMA-2 13B model rising from 53% to 65% when applied in a combined global-local refinement strategy. This breakthrough represents an advancement in AI refinement techniques and a stepping stone towards intelligent computing.

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5. Dell shares soar 15% after beating earnings expectations

Dell Technologies' fourth-quarter results beat analysts' estimates and showed strong demand for its artificial intelligence servers. Revenue fell 11% from $25.04 billion in the year-ago quarter, while net income increased 89% from $614 million in the same period last year.

Dell's Infrastructure Solutions Group reported $9.3 billion in revenue, down 6% year over year but up 10% from the third quarter. Client Solutions Group reported $11.7 billion, down 12% year over year. Dell expects revenue between $21 billion and $22 billion for its first quarter, with momentum around AI encouraging growth for fiscal 2025.

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